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04/05/21 12:51 PM #1762    


Barbara Gabel (Gabel)

Just a little info - Norm's Coffe Shop has monthly artists display their work in one of their antique display cases. I am the April artist. Please swing in to check out my collection and let me know what you think. Everything is for sale if you feel so inclined.

Thanks, Barb G

04/19/21 07:21 PM #1763    


Martin Libhart

We just learned that Larry Buller passed away. His photo and obituary have been posted to our "In Memory" page.


04/26/21 01:07 PM #1764    


Barbara Gabel (Gabel)

Ladies: Hope this isn't too early for a reminder. We'll be meeting Thursday, May 6 at The Hive in Valley Center at 1pm. Marci - hope to see you there since we'll be in town. 

Thanks ladies!

Barb G

04/26/21 08:19 PM #1765    


Terry Bernowich (Schmitz)

Thanks Barb for the reminder! It's never too early for reminders. Looking forward to seeing all you wonderful ladies!

04/28/21 08:25 PM #1766    


Martin Libhart

Does any one have a phone number or address for David Flory from our class? If so, do not post in this forum but email me at:




05/09/21 08:30 PM #1767    


Martin Libhart

Continuing to attempt to locate fellow classmates. Does any one have a phone number or address for the following:

      - Russ Ault

      - Marsha Unruh

      - Mary Unruh

      - Allen Goodman

If so, do not post in this forum but email me at:

05/30/21 11:30 PM #1768    


Barbara Gabel (Gabel)

Ladies: June’s Luncheon is at my new house. Please bring a cold dish and lots of laughter on Thursday, June 3rd at 1pm.  For further details call or text me at 907-322-5303. 

C-ya soon!!

Barbara G


06/07/21 09:16 AM #1769    


Connie Hale (Rhodes)

Well, my birthday is just around the corner and let me tell you that I feel it too. The past week my eye site took a drastic change. Today I was getting ready to make an eye appointment because my readers where no longer focusing for me. I ketp holding them out in front of me, but they were crystal clear. This morning while trying to look up my optometrist and out of  blurry frustration I thought I’d clean them with a breath and rub…. Well, the left lens was gone!     I’m not sure I want to laugh or cry. Connie


06/08/21 09:48 AM #1770    


Beverly Roberson (Jackson)

Love you Connie,

Happy Birthday in advance.  It is great to know that our personalities don't change that much over the years. Have a wonderful Birthday celebration and remember it is better to be seen than viewed.


06/08/21 01:20 PM #1771    


Roger Morton

Connie, I know how you feel. I was at a marching band contest in 2019 and suddenly I realized that I was seeing double!  I had driven two hours to the contest with no trouble but I was sure glad I wasn't alone because I certainly couldn't drive home. It's a brain problem. There's nothing wrong with my eyes physically. Glasses correct the problem, thank goodness. 
Beverly, it's good to hear from you! Are you still in Washington, DC.?

06/08/21 03:01 PM #1772    


Martin Libhart

I am sorry to share that our classmate Tom Smith has passed. We will share his obituary once it is available. 

06/09/21 07:20 AM #1773    


Becky Barker (Davis)

Thank You, Barb Gabel for such a fun luncheon at your new home. Your art is gorgeous and your heirlooms are such treasures.

Happy Birthday Connie.🎂🎈

06/13/21 03:22 PM #1774    


Terry Bernowich (Schmitz)

Hi everyone!

Becky Davis asked me to share this information to all of you.

Their son, Ben, passed away this morning, Sunday, June13, at 6:04 am.  Ben had been at Becky and Glenn's home from May16th until today June 13th. Good Shepherd Hospice has been helping them get through all of this. Ben is survived by his wife, Cassandra, and 4 children, Makayla 18, Gunnar 17, Braxton 13, and Axyl 9. Ben was diagonosed with colon cancer 4 years ago this coming October

Becky doesn' t  know when the services will be. Broadway Colonial is in charge of the services. Cassandra won't be going to the funeral home until Tuesday. Becky is hoping the services will be Friday or Saturday. Cassandra will be making the decisions on all the arrangements. As soon as we know anything I will let you know.

When I talked to Becky she said she was going to try to sleep until 6pm today.  As most of us know, being a caregiver is very exhausting. 

Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts. Becky really appreciates all of you being there for her.

Love to all of you and God Bless all of you!

06/14/21 04:13 PM #1775    


Rich Martinez (Martinez)

I'm so sorry to about Becky's son passing. My condolences and prayers for healing.

06/15/21 06:47 PM #1776    


Diane Baker (Cain)

Becky, I am so sorry to hear about your son. Praying that your loving memories give you  peace.

06/16/21 12:14 PM #1777    


Veronica Camargo


My sincere condolences on the loss of your son. May the precious memories you have of him bring you peace and comfort.


Veronica Camargo

06/17/21 11:21 AM #1778    


Glenda Magee (Miller)

So so sorry to hear of your loss. Lifting prayers that you receive comfort as you grieve. 

07/17/21 08:19 PM #1779    


Barbara Gabel (Gabel)

Ladies: The group has decided that we could incite more of you to join our monthly lunches if we moved the date. Therefore, our lunches will be on the first WEDNESDAY of each month still at 1pm. Lee has all the new dates for the rest of this year and will put them on the home page soon.

Our next luncheon will be Wednesday, Aug 4th, 1 pm, at the Carriage Crossing in Yoder. Please! Please, come join the fun!

Hope to see you there!

Barb G

07/23/21 12:50 PM #1780    


Barbara Gabel (Gabel)

Me again. Another plug for my art shows. Some of my Alaska paintings are hanging at the Newton Public Library. They will be there until Sept 30. Please come check them out.

Also, I will be displaying more of the Kansas art work at Norms Coffee Bar from Aug 1 to Sept 30. 

Everything is for sale so if you see anything at the Library that interests you, please call me for POS/point-of-sale. Norms will accept all moneys for the art work there!

Thanks for the class support!  '68 Railers Rock!!

07/24/21 12:04 PM #1781    


Roger Morton


The School Bored Four barbershop quartet's bass singer, Ken Elder, passed away last week after a brave fight with cancer. In the photo Ken is the jovial fellow with the green tie. Ken's voice was added to the quartet in 2014 after our original bass moved to Idaho and we have enjoyed his humor, hard work, and positive attitude for the last seven years. Ken was a school teacher, Air Force veteran, skydiving inscructor, computer programmer, and great musician. He recently started studying the pan flute. Ken's wife, Joanie, was the quartet's most avid cheerleader and promoter. Ken's passing leaves a big empty space in our hearts. 


07/24/21 04:41 PM #1782    


Martin Libhart

So very sorry to hear this Roger. We all enjoyed your group's performance at our 50th Reunion. 

07/25/21 06:35 AM #1783    


Brenda Drake (Anderson)

Roger, I am so sorry to hear this.  I know it is a great loss and grief to you and many others.  My sympathies.


07/25/21 10:44 AM #1784    


Glenda Magee (Miller)

Sorry for your loss Roger. The downside of living longer is the losses we experience. May your heart embrace all the joy of this relationship as you grief the loss. 

07/26/21 02:05 PM #1785    


Carol Little (Blake)

Roger, what a loss for you and your quartet! It's hard to lose someone after you've sung together for so long. Prayers for comfort and healing for you and your musical friends!

07/31/21 05:31 PM #1786    


Barbara Gabel (Gabel)

Ladies: This is your friendly reminder that our luncheon is coming soon. We changed the dates to Wednesday, so hope to see everyone at the Carriage Crossing in Yoder at 1pm on Wed, Aug 4th.

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