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07/27/23 10:19 PM #1909    

Judy Legge (Kelly)


Thanks for the get well wishes.


I did my Covid test at home.  I have had lung cancer 3 times in 7 years and have been instructed on how to take a test.  Have probably had 20 tests since 2020.  This is the second time I have had  a positive Covid.

07/28/23 03:36 PM #1910    

Jim Guhr

I had a great time at the reunion. It was good to see everybody. 
I have tested negative for Covid also. I hope everyone that has it gets well soon.

08/02/23 12:37 PM #1911    


Martin Libhart

We wanted to do a quick survey regarding our 55th Reunion a little over a week ago. Please review and respond - please send your responses via email to:

1. Did you attend the Winery event on Friday?

2. Did you attend the American Legion event on Saturday?

3. Do you have a favorite venue of those two locations? If so which one??

4. Which of the meals was your favorite - mexican food from Carlos' Kitchen at the winery, or italian food from Genova's at the American Legion?

5. Did you enjoy the 60's era background music both nights? Should we continue that at our 60th Reunion?

6. Is a 2 day reunion still preferred?

7. Is a reunion in the Summer still preferred, or should it be in the Spring or Fall?

8.Do you have any other thoughts or suggestions?



08/02/23 12:38 PM #1912    


Barbara Gabel (Gabel)

Connie and I were just notified that our entries into the Newton Presbyterian Manor Art is Agless contest will be featured in their national calendar for 2024. Mine is the windmill. Autographs will be signed upon request. LOL

08/04/23 02:08 PM #1913    


Connie Hale (Rhodes)

Greetings from my heart in deep appreciation for everyone’s support for our class 55th reunion.

As you know, to achieve such events there’s months of endless behind-the-scenes activities, and even though decorations help set a festive promise, they are only a visual part of what goes on.  

But, in reality… You, my classmates, are the ones that make things come together in the end and you are the ones that bring life and joy into the room. You are the ones that spread invitations of welcome as you unconditionally greet one another, renewing old and new friendships. Without you a reunion or birthday celebration would be nothing but a lot of hard work with decorations collecting dust. YOU my classmates ARE the reunion, and ITS PURPOSE.

With that in mind… we must also remember to thank Martin, Lee, and Dennis and to all those in the past who have worked hard to keep our class informed and together…. This has been no easy task for the past 55 years. We give you a “SALUTE” of appreciation for your time and energy that you gave so freely to us all.

Martin: In answer to your questionnaire: “You know me… I’ll go with the flow.”     I thoroughly enjoyed all three opportunities provided (Newell’s, Winery, and Legion). I also enjoyed all the food with much zeal and that’s most likely why I’m sooo “fluffy”.  LOL!

Anyway, as I get older and slower, I find it’s sometimes more appealing to go out to eat and skip all the fuss and preparations, cooking and cleaning etc. There are many great places to wine and dine, allowing time for visiting until hearts content, to just enjoy and fellowship, pay, and tip for a job well done.

So, whatever the survey outcome, or final decision, there will still be preplanning and preparations to be done ahead of time.  Please know that the Class-of-68 continues to support everyone’s leadership in grateful gratitude. We continue to pray for health and inner peace in that you do for many. Blessings with a big “Railer-Hug”. Connie


08/04/23 04:19 PM #1914    


June Nicodemus (Peters)

We'll said ConnieπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ Sorry I couldn't be there.

08/15/23 07:47 PM #1915    


Martin Libhart

One of my favorite memories. A cub scout campout in Bob Scheffler's backyard. Bob's mom was our Den Mother. Front row left to right: Dale Rose, Martin Libhart, Bob Scheffler, Duane Laswell. Back row left to right: Mike Henry, Eddie Myers, and Tom Coller  

08/16/23 07:02 AM #1916    


Nancy Cravens (Hillman)

What a great picture!  Love Dale's smile!  Mrs Scheffler was my Sunday School teacher.  Great memories!


08/16/23 04:44 PM #1917    


Martin Libhart


Dale was my best friend in elementary and junior high. I was the second house og Grandview south of Broadway, and Dale was the first house on Grandview north of Broadway. We had some great times.... and we were pretty ornery tooπŸ˜†πŸ˜†

08/17/23 04:04 PM #1918    


Carol Little (Blake)

I'd love to see a video of those cute ornery boys at that party! What a crew!

08/17/23 08:54 PM #1919    


Martin Libhart

Carol: i'm pretty sure video cameras hadn't been invented yet when that photo was taken. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ€£πŸ˜…

09/06/23 11:03 AM #1920    


Martin Libhart

Very nice article on Connie Hale Rhodes in the Newton paper!

09/08/23 07:00 AM #1921    


Nancy Cravens (Hillman)

Very nice Connie!  Thanks for sharing you expertise for our class reunion!


09/09/23 01:26 PM #1922    


Beverly Roberson (Jackson)

What a wonderful letter Connie and it is so much the "you" I remember. I doubt if my health will allow me to attend a reunion but my heart is ever with all of you.

09/10/23 10:21 PM #1923    


Rich Martinez (Martinez)

So proud of you Connie. Keep up the great work 

09/11/23 10:26 AM #1924    


Vicki Daily (Chambers)

Great article and picture Connie! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!!

11/15/23 10:19 PM #1925    


Martin Libhart


- Martin, Lee, and Dennis

11/16/23 07:23 AM #1926    


Nancy Cravens (Hillman)

Thanks guys!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Will and Nancy

11/16/23 08:21 AM #1927    


Darla Klassen (Drosselmeyer)

Happy Thanksgiving to all! It is so great to see such talented and active classmates! In our family,the 5 grandsons keep getting busier. Because of this, we hope to move closer to our girls and their families in Hoisington, Kansas. We will be moving to Great Bend, which is 10 minutes away from all of them. Our home in Shawnee is up for sale, but not yet sold. We can't wait to get closer to everyone!  Thanksgiving is just a reminder of all the wonderful friends in our past that have made life so amazing!! I enjoy all the pictures and comments !! Thank you, everyone.πŸ₯°
    This is a picture of my daughters and I celebrating Rachel's 40th birthday this September.


11/17/23 07:23 AM #1928    


Nancy Cravens (Hillman)

Great picture Darla!  

Nancy Hillman

12/06/23 10:16 AM #1929    


Martin Libhart

As we look forward to the Christmas and New Year holidays, we want to wish you a safe and joyful time with family and friends.


12/07/23 11:14 PM #1930    


Rich Martinez (Martinez)

Wishing everyone a very safe and memorable holidays 

12/12/23 09:32 PM #1931    


Kay Beutler (Enz)

Rich, those fur kids are SOOO CUTE!!!

Kay Beutler Enz

01/02/24 02:09 PM #1932    


Martin Libhart

Does anyone have information on our classmate Tim Hanna? We have heard he recently passed away. 



01/03/24 10:27 AM #1933    

Aimee Koehn (Metzler)

I am a close family friend of the Hanna's. I contacted Mike Hanna (Tim's brother) re: the rumor of Tim's passing. I am happy to say that Tim is alive and well.. living in Wichita, Ks. Great news! Aimee Metzler

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