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08/17/23 04:04 PM #1918    


Carol Little (Blake)

I'd love to see a video of those cute ornery boys at that party! What a crew!

08/17/23 08:54 PM #1919    


Martin Libhart

Carol: i'm pretty sure video cameras hadn't been invented yet when that photo was taken. 😆😆🤣😅

09/06/23 11:03 AM #1920    


Martin Libhart

Very nice article on Connie Hale Rhodes in the Newton paper!

09/08/23 07:00 AM #1921    


Nancy Cravens (Hillman)

Very nice Connie!  Thanks for sharing you expertise for our class reunion!


09/09/23 01:26 PM #1922    


Beverly Roberson (Jackson)

What a wonderful letter Connie and it is so much the "you" I remember. I doubt if my health will allow me to attend a reunion but my heart is ever with all of you.

09/10/23 10:21 PM #1923    


Rich Martinez (Martinez)

So proud of you Connie. Keep up the great work 

09/11/23 10:26 AM #1924    


Vicki Daily (Chambers)

Great article and picture Connie! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!!

11/15/23 10:19 PM #1925    


Martin Libhart


- Martin, Lee, and Dennis

11/16/23 07:23 AM #1926    


Nancy Cravens (Hillman)

Thanks guys!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Will and Nancy

11/16/23 08:21 AM #1927    


Darla Klassen (Drosselmeyer)

Happy Thanksgiving to all! It is so great to see such talented and active classmates! In our family,the 5 grandsons keep getting busier. Because of this, we hope to move closer to our girls and their families in Hoisington, Kansas. We will be moving to Great Bend, which is 10 minutes away from all of them. Our home in Shawnee is up for sale, but not yet sold. We can't wait to get closer to everyone!  Thanksgiving is just a reminder of all the wonderful friends in our past that have made life so amazing!! I enjoy all the pictures and comments !! Thank you, everyone.🥰
    This is a picture of my daughters and I celebrating Rachel's 40th birthday this September.


11/17/23 07:23 AM #1928    


Nancy Cravens (Hillman)

Great picture Darla!  

Nancy Hillman

12/06/23 10:16 AM #1929    


Martin Libhart

As we look forward to the Christmas and New Year holidays, we want to wish you a safe and joyful time with family and friends.


12/07/23 11:14 PM #1930    


Rich Martinez (Martinez)

Wishing everyone a very safe and memorable holidays 

12/12/23 09:32 PM #1931    


Kay Beutler (Enz)

Rich, those fur kids are SOOO CUTE!!!

Kay Beutler Enz

01/02/24 02:09 PM #1932    


Martin Libhart

Does anyone have information on our classmate Tim Hanna? We have heard he recently passed away. 



01/03/24 10:27 AM #1933    

Aimee Koehn (Metzler)

I am a close family friend of the Hanna's. I contacted Mike Hanna (Tim's brother) re: the rumor of Tim's passing. I am happy to say that Tim is alive and well.. living in Wichita, Ks. Great news! Aimee Metzler

04/16/24 03:38 PM #1934    


Connie Hale (Rhodes)

Dear Class of 68… Seems like I’ve missed way too many birthdays, and for that I’m sorry. So “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to BD people in JAN, FEB, MAR, APRIL, and MAY. The older I get the more mind-boggling and laidback I’ve become.

Last month John bought me an ALEXA so I can have selective music in my studio. I must say… I love it! However, the other day Alexa would not turn off, no matter the tone of voice or how I said it or what distance I tried… it just would not turn off. So, I thought maybe John could figure it out…. Well, dummy me. I had the radio on.

Love & Blessing to you all…. Connie


04/17/24 06:47 AM #1935    


Nancy Cravens (Hillman)

Too funny Connie!  Love your sense of humor.


04/29/24 12:55 PM #1936    


Terry Bernowich (Schmitz)


Lissy Davidson  Rakestraw and her husband used to work with my husband at Honeywell. Her husband  has passed away, but I can't remember when. I think I have a copy of his obituary.  I don't remember where they were living.

05/27/24 08:50 PM #1937    


Martin Libhart

I think most of you remember Howard Schmidt, a NHS teacher when we were there. Mr. Schmidt recently passed away. I am posting his obituary here.

05/28/24 06:59 AM #1938    


Nathan Stucky

Thanks, Martin, for posting the notice about Howard Schmidt. I credit one of Mr. Schmidt's math classes at Newton High for helping me make sense of algebra. He was a kind and patient teacher for whom I've always felt a lot of respect. I didn't realize he only taught at Newton for six years. Back then I think I assumed our teachers were just permanent fixtures that came along with the building.

05/28/24 07:19 AM #1939    


Brenda Drake (Anderson)


Does anyone remember Mr. Schmidt from Sunset School?  What was his first name, please?


05/30/24 05:10 PM #1940    


Martin Libhart

Brenda: it was Howard Scmidt. 

05/31/24 07:36 AM #1941    


Brenda Drake (Anderson)

Thank you, Martin!

06/12/24 08:33 AM #1942    


Martin Libhart

who knew???😳😆<>>

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