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10/29/22 02:18 PM #1862    


Rich Martinez (Martinez)

(Shared by Olivia Matinez Powell, daughter of our classmate Rich Martinez.)

Today should have been an exciting day for my dad but unfortunately was marred by the tragic loss of his baby brother last night. Some of you have followed his story that gained international attention and actually caused the state of Kansas to change their contraband law recently. While today was hard it was good to see it all finally play out by my dad getting his car back today. While they are both 6 years older and a little dusty they have been reunited and I could not be happier!!! Thank you to KS State Representative Leo Delperdang who fought long and hard to help my dad get his ride back as well as driving all the way from Wichita today to be here when my dad got his car this am. Also huge thanks to KCTV5 News Kansas City for helping get my dads story the attention he deserved and following it though all the way though today. Thanks to my husband who took the day off to ensure the car got to its destination today as well as to our good friends Matt and Kelly Whittle for providing us the trailer to pick up his car. We are blessed beyond measure for sure with all the people in our corner.

Welcome Home Red



11/10/22 03:13 PM #1863    


Barbara Gabel (Gabel)

Just a friendly reminder that after the class breakfast this Saturday at the Breadbasket you can come to the Newton Rec Center to see Connie and I at the 34th annual Christmas Bazaar from 8am - 2pm. We have some really neat stuff to see. Great place to pick up some very special Christmas gifts and decorations. If you brought us over some cinnamon rolls after breakfast, we wouldn't argue. And '68 Railers always receive a discount!! Hope to c ya there!! And a very Merry Christmas!!

11/10/22 05:11 PM #1864    

Prudy Hutton (Fitzpatrick)


'68 Monthly Breakfast MeetUp OCTOBER:  Finally was able to get to come to the OCT gathering at the BREAD BASKET after spending almost 1.5 years living in my Dad's basement in Wichita post-vax. I'm so grateful for getting to see so many of y'all!!!!  Great to catch-up after quarantine and just 'sit N chat, laugh and catch up. Thank you LeRoy for answering so many computer questions.  Ask the Genius!!!!  GREAT to see CONNIE's wonderful art at the PlumSt Stores and see Paula Brennaman Anderson and MzKimmy !!!!  Appreciate Y'ALL so much. Did my heart so much "GOOD".....

 HEALTH & HAPPINESS to all.....


11/12/22 09:39 PM #1865    


Leroy Buller

Had a great time at today's class Breakfast.  Charlie Sauerwein and is brother Don (67) attended.  Also, Martin Libart. John Rhodes, Janet Gunn, Hellen Dderringer, Ruby and Lee Buller.  Started at 10 am and we finally vacated premises at 1:45 pm.  We will do it again next month.

12/06/22 07:16 AM #1866    


Martin Libhart

Planning for our 55th Reunion will begin after the first of the year, but please mark your calendars now!! The reunion will be July 21-22, 2023

12/07/22 01:55 PM #1867    


Leroy Buller

The monthly class brunch is this Satruday, Dec 10th.  10 a.m.  Lets have brunch together for all those who can make it.  Location is the Breadbasket

Best Regards

Lee Buller



12/16/22 03:10 PM #1868    


Martin Libhart

Going through old photo files and found this from Tom Collier's Celebration of life several years ago. R.I.P. Tom....we miss you.


02/07/23 11:18 AM #1869    


Martin Libhart


We are officially started with planning for our 55th High School Reunion, and have made our first expenditure with the rental of the American Legion in Newton for Saturday 7/22/23. Let's make this one of the best ever in attendance. At our 50th Reunion we had 88 - let's top that! We're not getting any younger :-((

No increase in cost from 2018 - please send me a check for $50 individual, $100 for a couple. Send to:




WICHITA, KS  67208-4142


Let's make this our biggest attendance ever!! The reunion will be Friday 7/21/23 thru Saturday 7/22/23.

02/21/23 04:48 PM #1870    


Martin Libhart

Thanks to the following for sending your reunion checks:

Barb Gabel

Chic Ragland

Charlie Sauerwein

Vicki Chambers

Dennis Schmidt

Larry Gray

Wilfried Hillman


Keep 'em comin'😆  Looking forward to see you all!!

Martin L. 

03/02/23 04:36 PM #1871    


Martin Libhart

Lee and I went to GRACE HILL WINERY today and secured our reservation for Friday, July 21st. We will be there from 3:00 pm until............? We are working now on arranging for our catered meal that evening.

Thanks to all who have mailed me a check. PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING since we still have a number of upfront costs. Again, make the check payable to:


101 N. Parkwood Ln.

Wichita Ks  67208-4142

03/13/23 02:41 PM #1872    


Connie Hale (Rhodes)

Greetings: Here it is… another year gone bye and gravity has taken another toll. The other day I was reading a book and thought “O’ my! Who’s arm’s are these anyway ~ When did “that” happen!” And then I looked into the mirror and thought the same thing about my neck! Holy-Moley! I can hardly recognize myself. But my brain still thinks I’m young and spry, even though my body says different.

Martin L. dubbed our 55th reunion “Getting Old is The Pits”….  Well, he might be right, seems I’ve been discovering more and more of them on my body lately. LOL! Too much visual. Sorry!

Anyway, life is good, and I can’t complain.

I pray that my message finds you in joy and happiness…. I’d like to add in youthful wellness and health, but I think we’re all just about ready to get into same boat one way or another… Now I don’t want to sound depressing, but hey! The upside is… If we’re all heading for the same boat, let’s just make it a cruise ship and celebrate and have fun. LOL!

Hope to see you in July at the 55th... 


03/16/23 08:48 PM #1873    


Martin Libhart

A blast from the past..... Lincoln Elementary 5th grade class with Mrs. Kurr.

03/19/23 08:37 PM #1874    


Martin Libhart

Alright folks, the checks have begun to slow down. We currently have 43 registered for the reunion - keep those checks coming. Remember, we had 88 at our 50th Reunion - let's beat that!!

$50 individual / $100 couple. Check made out to: MARTIN LIBHART.


03/23/23 09:09 PM #1875    


Martin Libhart

LINCOLN ELEMENTARY - First Grade class with Ms. Fast. I am second from the right side in row 2 of the photo. Can you name my other classmates? Here's some help..... front row right is Phillip Baldwin.

03/26/23 09:06 AM #1876    


Brenda Drake (Anderson)

Always the cutie!  I am right behind you. Judy Legee is beside me, Shirley Boese, Cindy Huntley is holding hands with Karen Hartman, Mike Klaasen is in the same row as you third from the left. Philip Baldwin is in front of you, then Allen Abrams, Stanley Estrada and lastly in the front is Kermit Lowen.

03/26/23 04:24 PM #1877    


Roger Morton

Oh, Brenda, I knew that had to be you. Your'e still a cutie.


03/26/23 10:37 PM #1878    


Martin Libhart

Keep those checks coming! As of today we have 47 now registered.

Checks payable to:

                               Martin Libhart

                               101 N. Parkwood Ln

                               Wichita, KS. 67208-4142

04/10/23 11:57 AM #1879    

Janet Brodhagen (Gunn)

Greetings to the Class of 1968...

I am looking for NHS treasures you migh still have. I am setting up a table for all to look at and laugh at.  I also have some items from Grade School that the Newton folks enjoyed looking at.

You can take pictures and send to me or let me know what you will bring and I will save room one the display table for it.


Thanks so much.  I hope to see you in July!!

Janet Brodhagen Gunn


04/16/23 07:20 PM #1880    


Martin Libhart

We have rented the east dining room at Charlie's Restaurant (just north of Eastgate Lanes at 1st & Spencer in Newton) for the Thursday evening pre-reunion get together. (This venue replaces our previous gathering at Stroud's in 2018). Those that have arrived on Thurs July 20th - please join us there at 6pm. -Martin

04/24/23 04:16 PM #1881    


Connie Hale (Rhodes)

RE: July 55th Class Reunion






Many people have moved away from Newton and would never see their old classmates again without reunions. So, YES, they are worth going to…





It’s a wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends, get to know former classmates as adults, reminisce about memories from the good O ‘Days, and it’s a perfect opportunity to share the joy of getting older together and reuniting with that inner-kid we once where. 

We are not getting any younger and we never know what the future holds. So, I truly encourage you to come if you are able, to freely share your ups and downs, to share your tears and your laughter, to just love and accept each other just as we are.

This is why our 55th class reunion is a milestone you don’t want to miss. Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory…

Sending you Railer Hugs… Connie














04/26/23 06:51 AM #1882    


Nancy Cravens (Hillman)

Well said!  Thanks Connie.

05/13/23 10:47 AM #1883    


Barbara Gabel (Gabel)

Would like to invite everyone to our coloring party at Connie's house on May 24th at 1pm. No talent needed - just fun! We'll be coloring favors for the reunion. Currently Martin says we have 63 people joining us in July. So the more hands coloring the faster it will go. If you have any question, feel free to contact Connie or myself.

Thanks and c-ya there!!

05/22/23 12:53 PM #1884    


Connie Hale (Rhodes)


Just a friendly reminder that this Wed 24th there is a decorations/table favor gathering at my house:

2516 W 1st St. Newton: Time: 1:00 to 3:00

YAHOO! JULY Class 55th will be here before we know it.

Your help and input is needed and always greatly appreciated.

Please let me know if you are coming so I’ll know how many places to set up.

Thank you. Railer Hugs Connie & Barb (RSVP: 316-272-0636)

06/03/23 10:26 AM #1885    


Martin Libhart

Does anyone know where Marsha Unruh is currently living? Contact info??

06/03/23 07:05 PM #1886    


Diane Baker (Cain)

The last address I had for Marsha Unruh Barnes is 1071 W. Paseo del Cantante in Green Valley, AZ. 85614-4774

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