40yr Reunion Pics


The Celebration Is Recorded in Pictures!


Tom and Kim - Many thanks for all these years of service to the Class of 68

Does this picture surprise you?

Janet beaming!

Hey Dennis - could you smile any bigger?

Two friends together - again

Food and Fellowship

Look out- something is up!

Happy to be here!

Come on Randy - Smile!

Arlyss and Vicky - Nice smiles

Judy is having a great time!

Larry B.  A great guy!

Randy - love the shirt!  Aloha!

Prudy is ready to start the party

Mary Mary - look at those bright eyes!

You mean I am 58 years old now?  ARGHHHHH

Behind every good man is a good woman


Janet and Cheryl catching up on life

Nancy and Pam mugging for the camera

 June - here is your picture!

How did they let this guy in - just kidding.

Richard is one lucky guy
Life long friends

Jim - you are having way to much fun!

Catching up on life

Three of the cutest girls in school

HMMMMMM - what was in the drinks?

OH Momma!

Becky, Rene and Pat look at the 68 Yearbook

Hey, this is pretty good grub.

Happy couple

 Joe and his wife look like they are enjoying the evening

Ok...stop the lovefest already.  Crazy lovebirds!

 More later.......