45yr Reunion Pics

QUICK NOTE: This just a sample of pictures from the 45 Year Reunion (from around 600 pics and a few videos that were "off-loaded" at the reunion)  - hopefully we can get a "Drop-Box" set up on the web soon, where anyone with pictures from the event can "upload" them to an internet location and where everyone can download pictures.

SPECIAL THANKS to Erle Miller, Dennis Schmidt and Krista Saylor for these photos and to Connie (Hale) Rhodes for the creating the "RAILER EXPRESS" photo prop!


Videos of the "Men of Dubious Character" (Ed Long, Stan Koehn and Pat Washburn) making music at the 45 Year Reunion are linked below - Click to view :




Newton Rock Me

(WAGON WHEEL REVISED) with "new" lyrics by Ed Long

Verse 1:
Moved down to Newton in ‘66
I was only 15 couldn’t find no kicks.
Starin’ at them wheat fields
And  wishin’ to go back North.
But it didn’t take long to make new friends
Started in school, it was easy to comprehend
That there might be some FUN to be
Had here after all.
So Rock me, momma, like a wagon wheel
Rock me momma anyway you feel
Hey, Hey, Hey  Newton  rock me.
Rock me, momma, like the wind and the rain
Rock me, momma, like a Santa Fe train
Hey, Hey, Hey  Newton  rock me.
Verse 2:
Got my first car, it was a Forty Nine.
Black Ford coupe, it was really fine.
Then a ’57 Chevy I wrecked
On the tracks one night.
We dragged main in my ’67 Chevelle
The A&W and  KU KU,  they  sure were swell
All you Girls,    raise your hands
If you rode in that car with me.
Verse 3:
When I meet my Newton friends, Reba’s where we come
Eat those hamburgers, and have us some fun
Hey!  Mike, Linda,   Pat,
Susan, ….Stan and Jolene.
And to everyone else,  you’re still the best
Enough of this song, we’re going to put it to rest
Until we see ya’
At the 50th reunion in 2018.
PS: If you want to copy the lyrics, then just "select" the lyrics, "COPY" and "PASTE" them into the text/word processor of your choice on your computer. Easy, pleasy . . . . .


NHS CheerSquad prepares to welcome the Class of '68

Steve Mattison and Steve Chambers "realign" the truth at the Reunion

Marsha Schmidt and Jennifer Jantz do the old switcheroo

Vicki (Unruh) Francis and Liz Speir

Linda (Diringer) Guhr and Monica (Schmidt) Thompson

Joleen Claassen, Susan (Karst) Washburn and Chris Rose

The Reunion Committee

Jim McClure - The "Harmonicat"

Kim and Edie Saylor

John and Connie (Hale) Rhodes

Erle and Glenda (Magee) Miller

Don and June (Nicodemus) Peters

Jerry and Terry (Bernowich) Schmitz

Steve and Vicki (Daily) Chambers

Steve Mattison, June (Nicodemus) Peters and Bob Hurley

Pat and Susan (Karst) Washburn

Tom and Mary Collier

Frank and Helen (Mason) Diringer

Dennis and Marsha Schmidt

Will and Nancy (Cravens) Hillman

Stan and Linda (Diringer) Guhr

Mike and Linda Davis

Pat Washburn, Stan Koehn and Ed Long - "The Band"

Chris Rose and Mary Collier - "The Registration Table" duo

Jr. and Susan (Brainard) Ashcraft

Roger and Terry Morton

Jim Guhr

John Hrovat

Vicki (Daily) Chambers and Stan Briar

David Olson

Lee and Ruby Buller

Jo Bernowich "Dancing Mom", Glenn and Becky (Barker) Davis

Vicki Yotter "Welcome To The Party Greeter"

Ted and Jennifer Jantz

Larry Gray

Janet (Brodhagen) Gunn and Ted Jantz

David and Pam (Nye) Behymer

David Powell and Hans Neufeld

Mike and Becky Ratzlaff

Stan and Switlana (Korobka) Briar

NHS CheerSquad - "Watch your heads!"

Ted Jantz and Jim Guhr do the Karaoke

Stan Koehn, Ed Long and Pat Washburn - "The Band"

David Hay joins in the conversation

Susan (Brainard) Ashcraft gives Jr. the "evil" eye that all men know

Tom Smith listens to tall tales

"The Amazing Dancing Mom" Jo Bernowich (Class of 1943)

Terry (Bernowich) Schmitz listens intently

Will Hillman wondering where the bathroom is . . . .

Nancy (Cravens) Hillman laughs it up because she knows where the bathroom is . . . .

Ed Long spins a yarn about long ago

Dennis and Marsha Schmidt keep track of the facts

Paula (Gonzalez) Whillock is doing some serious business

Hans Neufeld whistles a happy tune

Mary Collier and Chris Rose watch the show

Barbara (Smith) Meetz struts it out on the dance floor

Marsha and Dennis Schmidt catch on to what Tom actually said

Marilyn (Miller) Whittington joins in the storytelling

WOW what a crew - Jim Guhr, Janie (Hedrick) Grant, Stan Koehn, Liz Speir, Steve McCullough, Meg (Glover) Henderson and David Hay