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01/07/19 09:09 PM #1636    

Erle Miller

So sad to hear about Janet's passing. Prayers lifted for her family.

01/07/19 11:05 PM #1637    


Susan Brainard (Ashcraft)

So sorry to hear this about Janet! Prayers are with her family!

01/08/19 10:04 AM #1638    


Connie Hale (Rhodes)

Sharing part of a message from Janet dated Dec. 21, 2018.

“Connie, we share in common. I’ve had a rough year due to back surgery I had about six months ago and still trying to recoup. However, I continue to press on regardless of any setbacks that may occur. Hope to see you soon. Continue to help keep the class together. Blessing my friend. Janet”

I will always be blessed through Janet’s insight, inner strength, and friendship. I will cherish all the suportive heart-felt things we shared together. I too truly appreciate our class website that gives opportunity to keep in touch. May we all be filled with inner peace, be strong in our faith, and may we all continue to press on regardless. Connie

01/08/19 10:34 AM #1639    


Terry Bernowich (Schmitz)

Thank you Connie for sharing Janet's message to you.  Janet was such a great friend to me in high school.We shared a lot of laughs. I hope and pray that we all stay connected even if it is only on our website. I am thankful for the class breakfasts that keep us together. It is always a joy to see all of you.

01/08/19 09:51 PM #1640    


Vicki Daily (Chambers)

So sorry to hear of Janet’s passing. Prayers for her family. Thanks, Connie, for sharing your message.

01/09/19 11:54 AM #1641    

Prudy Hutton (Fitzpatrick)

So very sorry to learn about Janet. It must have been hard to loose her son Jason plus have back challenges. My condolescences to her family & all who love her.  

02/20/19 01:49 PM #1642    


Leroy Buller

Steve Rice, the Husband of Marion Voth Rice passed away.  Steve Lee Rice, 69, of Hutchinson, died Tuesday, February 19, 2019. Service arrangements are pending and will be announced at a later date by Elliott Mortuary and Crematory, Hutchinson, Kansas.

Please respond if you can to her through the web site.  Go to her profile and you can see how to contact her.


Lee Buller


02/20/19 06:08 PM #1643    


Terry Bernowich (Schmitz)

Thanks Lee for letting us know about Marion's husband.

03/05/19 10:48 PM #1644    


Martin Libhart

Once again, I just now enjoyed reading Tom Collier's post from over 2 years ago. Worth reading once again, so here it is........


Out in my garage I have a couple of “old” bench high wooden stools that I purchased many years ago at an auction. They are are basic, simple round spindled stools - no turning or ornamentation - and I sit on one of them (the other I save for guests) nearly everyday, but the wear and tear has loosened every joint to the point where it wobbles without constantly “tapping” everything back in place. A little simple maintenance is overdue - it’s time to glue all the joints, clamp it and restore it’s solid stance.

We ALL have simple maintenance that we do everyday, particularly around the house - leaking faucets, broken window or screens, replacing a faulty flush/fill valve or "flapper" in a toilet, replacing a broken electrical outlet/switch, do a little touch up painting, patch a wall crack, get an oil change for the car, have the furnace checked and on and on. We do it, not necessarily “gladly”, but because it needs to be done.

Which brings me to the point of this story . . . there are a large number of classmates (and their families) suffering through some form of medical/health problem. We wish ALL of them the best and send prayers for speedy recoveries. A little simple maintenance is in order here, too. A check up with your doctor or dentist can help avoid (or at least postpone) many problems, and could give you an early warning about more concerning issues.

Now I’ve gone and done it, Mary is chuckling - she says I’m good at giving advice, but poor on following it myself. Okay, fine - but this is something we ALL need to do. Visit your doctor, make YOUR health (and the health of those you love) important and please - Be Well.

03/06/19 12:03 AM #1645    


Terry Bernowich (Schmitz)

Thank you Martin for sharing Tom's post. He is right. I would like to add that all of us are at the age where we may end up being caregivers. When you are a caregiver you tend to not take care of your own health. It is very important for caregivers to take care of themselves also. It is very hard to remember that by taking care of your own health you are able to take better care of those you are caring for.

03/07/19 07:12 PM #1646    


Leroy Buller

Next Breakfast for the Class of 68 will be Saturday March 9, 2019 at 9:00 a.m.

Bill Boyd says he is going to be in Newton the first week in April, so the breakfast will be the first Saturday, April 6, 2019


Location is The Breadbasket in Newton.

03/07/19 11:19 PM #1647    


Arlys Kessler (Nilles)

I had planned to be in Newton the weekend of April 13 for the class breakfast, using the excuse that I had to pick up the final tax return for my mother. Now that the class breakfast has been moved to April 6 because Bill Boyd will be in town, l’ll change my plans to be there April 6.  Looking forward to seeing you, Bill, as well as all the rest of you who can make it. 





03/08/19 08:33 AM #1648    


Bill Boyd

That's great, Arlys, glad you were able to adjust your plans.  Mine aren't so flexible.  Looking forward to seeing you.


03/08/19 04:18 PM #1649    


Terry Bernowich (Schmitz)

Sounds great Arlys and Bill!!! Looking forward to seeing both of you!

03/15/19 09:23 AM #1650    

Thomas Jackson

A Celebration for Stanley Joe Koehn will be held on Saturday, April 20, 2019 at 5:00 pm at the McDowell Creek Community Center, 12510 Lower McDowell Rd. Manhattan, KS 66502.

Chili and Potluck at 6:00 pm

Program at 7:00 pm. Music to follow.

03/27/19 04:14 PM #1651    


Becky Barker (Davis)

We have lost yet another dear friend.  Sherry Rowland passed away yesterday in Newton.  Peterson's Funeral will have something posted soon.  Thoughts and Prayers to all her family members. broken heart

03/28/19 10:00 PM #1652    

Janet Brodhagen (Gunn)

Thanks, Becky.  She lived near me and we carpooled to Chisholm.  Sherry, Nancy Cravens, Nancy Woods, Jan Schroeder and me.  


Janet Gunn

03/29/19 06:50 AM #1653    


Nancy Cravens (Hillman)

So sorry to hear.  Prayers for the family.  I spent a lot of hours at her house growing up!

03/29/19 10:13 AM #1654    


Arlys Kessler (Nilles)

Sherry was a good friend to me.  I ran into her in the Newton Medical Center cafeteria several years ago when we were both there caring for loved ones; so glad I got to see & reconnect with her then. 

03/29/19 10:43 AM #1655    


Leroy Buller

Sherry's information is on the "In Memory" page

Lee Buller

03/31/19 10:36 PM #1656    


Vicki Daily (Chambers)

So sorry to hear of Sherry’s passing-prayers for her family being lifted up. 

04/02/19 09:39 AM #1657    


Veronica Camargo

Thanks, Lee, for maintaining our class website. Much appreciated!

05/07/19 07:03 PM #1658    


Connie Hale (Rhodes)

Barbara Gabel from Fairbanks Alaska will be at our class breakfast this coming Saturday May 11th @ BREADBASKET Starting at 9:00 to (average) 10:45. Some come early-leave early, some come late and stay. Please feel free to come and go, but just come… Don’t miss out: great company, coffee, rolls, pie and/or enjoy the buffet bar. Hugs! Connie

05/07/19 09:55 PM #1659    


Terry Bernowich (Schmitz)

I can't wait to see Barbara! So looking forward to seeing her Saturday!

05/17/19 10:37 PM #1660    


Leroy Buller

Clarence Niles has passed at 92 years of age.

See obit at Peterson Funeral Home.




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